Thursday, December 10, 2015

Where have I been?

This past Spring life was getting hard to juggle, I had a 12 year old struggling with school, two families extra to care for, a very sick friend, my community service obligations, and so much more. One evening my son said something that made me say I would only serve my top three, God, Country & Family. Which meant I was giving up everything that took away from the top!  SO my emotions had me announce the big I am quitting Stampin' Up!  Surely, this was a great idea because I no longer could function at a loss and travel hours for customers that really did not need my product.  Later that night as I was completing homework with my son and feeling lost he said " Mommy, I am sorry you quit your hobby for me."  Straight to my heart, I told him I was quitting for me, that I was no longer able to juggle everything and that he was important to me. 

He awoke the next day and told me that I should still stamp. Mind set I said the first time I do not qualify I am gone.   I looked around my dining room, all the piles of to keep or not to keep from the rash decision the night before lay ahead... plus multiple email replies from my supportive customers saying that they understood and would lift up a prayer as this was a tough decision.  A week went by, three amazing ladies made a close out order... qualified me into the summer.  Then a Month went by and those same three ladies invited me out to play. When they say play they mean stamp.  Another order was made. I made it over and over each month with a few orders here and there.  I was not even holding workshops, or setting open house days aside yet now I had 6 ladies that insisted that they needed SU! 

I continued my love of SU when my SU Sisters and I held a Staycation and had fun with new product.  How exciting it was to still love this longtime friend but have ZERO pressure.  A few more playdates, a donation required to a card stand for club and I got into the groove.  Yes, it is true, do not make rash decisions, and YES... the top three (God, Country & Family) are still a priority.  But I will linger until I don't love this anymore!

SO here I sit, announcing that I am not going to be the top sales person (I never was, nor did I try to be) but that I REALLY love Stampin' Up! and I will stay until I no longer desire the product, and I will not allow myself to feel overwhelmed.  It was me, not you, not the product or anyone else!  Please accept my journey, you are welcome to ride!

Here are a few samples made for my clubs craft fair rack:
Kind Koala CASE inspired by: Linda Kaufman and a stack of retired SU Paper.

Peaceful Wreaths Inspired by: Lisa Pretto

Peaceful Wreath: Inspired by Stampin' UP!

Another Stampin' Up! CASE

This cutie was inspired by Stampin' Up!

This Peaceful Wreath was inspired by: stampinwithsandi

Last donation to the mix was this card made with the Wonderland Stamp set.

I know you all are Stampin' Up! lovers and I thank you for riding this ride with me!

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