Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Butterflies & Booze Stampin' Up! Party

Butterflies, & Booze? Oh My!

You have heard me say that I will donate my time to do a SU party for 6 to charity right?  I have tossed them out over the years and I meet the most wonderful people!  I do kids and adults in wither your home or mine.  I bring a few projects and we start slow and in the end you make some amazing handmade items and you feel good.  I love stamping!  I love to share my product and I love a good charitable cause!  Mind you I also do parties for $5, $7, & $10/ stamper! 

Kyra and Lisa have been friends for many years... they became friends when they worked for Pets.com.  that was a few years back.... fast forward.  If you know Lisa, and you meet Kyra you would be friends forever too!  Lisa is a member of the GFWC Dublin/San Ramon Women's Club with me, she invites her friends to join us every year for our Annual Crab Feed. I donate a party for 6 each year.  Kyra was the winner last year of our Silent Auction! 

So Sunday was fun... I traveled around the corner to Lisa's house and she and Kyra hosted a Butterflies & Booze party.  What?  You can mix SU and booze?  Well, I would not recommend it unless you are a professional (drinker that is) because items tend to get crooked or sloppy. 
These ladies were pro's! 

Here are the cards we made:
So I CASE'd this card from Rina... I loved how she started with one idea in mind than changed.
Her adaptation was even better than her idea!
I love the above CASE...because Kyra wanted Butterflies and Booze I found I had room to bloom the original card.
I am a huge Wendy Cranford fan... so her site always inspires me!

I included one I CASE'd earlier in the week
and one I created myself.
Products used for this Happy Halloween Card
go LIVE September 1st!

Love what I do!

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