Friday, January 6, 2017

The "F" Word

  So crazy how certain people come into your lives and make such creative and positive changes. 
Last week out of the blue I received an invitation I could not refuse.  The invitation was to join a monthly ladies night our group called 'The "F" Word'.  Now the invitation came from a doctor that I am not a patient of, but she and I volunteer for the same women's club.  Her energy is always so positive and she carries herself with such confidence you want to be near her!  So last night I grabbed a bottle of wine from the fridge (you know me that wine was not getting any action in my house unless you were going to come open it) and headed to her office.  I have never been to a chiropractors office but it was impressive... While the treatment rooms had these cool looking chairs... The rest of the office was warm and comfy and an atmosphere you could curl up and jump into a good book with.  
  As the women started to arrive I understood most of them knew each other from other types of groups... But I felt comfortable to be  myself and vulnerable enough to stay when I could run.  Yes, I know I am a Chatty Cathy when you get to know me but I do get intimidated easily.  The "F" word for the day was "FEARLESS" and our topic facilitator was a wonderful woman named Tracy.  She shared ways to make goals that we could achieve. She referred to SMART goals... Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Task Oriented goals. (I may have changed the anchor words to suit me).  Since this year I want to learn to be kind and love more... Listening to her I was encouraged to go deeper.  Why am I choosing the goals I am choosing, and how am I going to measure them?
  Well, she suggested I pick a goal and chart it... She handed out some great charts that you can visually measure.  Now me being the new person in the group could only see the negatives... How could I possibly keep up and do I want others to see my journey? Yes... I want others to see my journey and being kind and loving is easy but not always perfect.  As a main fear... Do I want my kids to know that I am not perfect?  Uh, ya.... As if they do not already know. So my chart is now Washi taped to my bathroom mirror and let's see where it grows!

    If you want to join us next month the "F" word is Frisky and we will be learning about essential oils and making personal rollers to bring home to the bedroom... Lol! I know it sounds silly but taking care of yourself means taking care of all the aspects of your life you may neglect.  Plus, the women in this group are pretty freaking awesome and I would love you to join us! You can RSVP on or text me. It is located at the Specific Chiropractic Center, 7950 Dublin Blvd! 
  Motivation to dig deep, stay positive and be a better me for everyone! 

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